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    Hello, My name is Kunnu, I am owner of PreMadeKB dot com and I like to write tutorials, manage server and programming. I am comming from WebHostingTalk thread. Look like WiseCP is very active and release new version frequently. Thanks.
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    Hello everyone, Johnny here. I found this product about a month or so ago from the date of my post. Have been doing research on it as much as I can before making the switch over. I have been using WHMCS for many years but have been taken back when finding this product. I am by far extremely impressed and hope this product becomes the standard default in many businesses. Hopefully, they won't change like you see many of the leading brands - from making the product for people, to crushing the bottom-line! Looking forward to fully supporting WISECP!
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    Hi, I am trying to create a page with API but i can not create a service group that mentions only ssl and cpanel license. How To Configure it? Thanks
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    Hi, We have been taking a look at a few different alternative systems and the only thing that is really stopping us from jumping over to WiseCP at the moment is that we need a module for domain registration with Gandi. Any plans to create a gandi registration module?
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    You fixed that with your PRO support. Thanks again!
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    For those who want a Thesslstore plugin for Wisecp, pls vote Others and type Wisecp in this survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YHDQZMD
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    I hope the Wisecp team are safe and well in Turkey during this pandemic. I hope the same for everybody. Take care everyone!
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    I am curious as to what SSL module for Wisecp other people use? The Gogetssl module is buggy and I am waiting for the Wisecp team to fix it.
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    I'm the lead dev of ApisCP. If this consideration gains further traction please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] if you have any questions in developing the module. Blesta was done over a weekend and WHMCS didn't take very long to flesh out. I'm more than happy to address or even too extend ApisCP's API to facilitate whatever needs to be done. Edit: this username was brought to you by autofill ­čśČ
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    merhabalar arkada┼člar ben Deniz; evet art─▒k ad─▒m─▒ bildi─činize g├Âre ┼čimdide neler yapar─▒m bunlardan bahsediyim - Web Scriptler (kendi ├žap─▒mda web scriptler ├╝retiyorum) - Oyun Programlama (ufak ├žapl─▒ hikaye oyunlar─▒ yap─▒yorum) - Robotik Programlama (orta - ileri seviye robotik geli┼čtiricili─či yap─▒yorum akl─▒n─▒za arduino gelmesin panasonic PLC'lerle ├žal─▒┼č─▒yorum) - Firma Y├Ânetimi (Eski hosting firma y├Âneticisi yeni her firmaya laz─▒m denilen adam ­čśä) - WISECP Geli┼čtiricili─či (WISECP i├žin temalar geli┼čtirmeye ba┼člad─▒m para i├žin de─čil insanl─▒k i├žin ­čÖé) ┼×imdide bana nas─▒l ula┼č─▒rs─▒n─▒z ona ge├želim - Discord: Deniz#6329 - Mail: [email protected] - Whatsapp: EKLENMED─░ - ├ľzel Mesaj Yolu ─░le ─░leti┼čim Kurabilirsiniz. sizin i├žin ne yapar─▒m? - WISECP y├Ânetiminizde olu┼čan hatalara ├╝cretsiz destek verebilirim - WISECP i├žin size ├Âzel tema geli┼čtirebilirim Konumda hatal─▒ bir durum mu var? - Discord ├╝zerinden bana ula┼čarak uyar─▒da bulunabilirsiniz bunu yapmak zorunda de─čilsiniz ┼čikayette edebilirsiniz ama bir iyilik olarak d├╝┼č├╝nerek bana ula┼č─▒n ­čÖé - ─░yi ├žal─▒┼čmalar
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    Merhaba, M├╝┼čteri takibi i├žin sat─▒n alm─▒┼čt─▒m. Son gelen g├╝ncellemeler ile muhte┼čem i┼č ├ž─▒kard─▒lar. Zohi.net sitemden hem sat─▒┼č yap─▒yorum. Hemde m├╝┼čteri takibi.
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    Merhaba Cpanel ├╝zerinden (bkz: http://prntscr.com/ro19vs) WHM panele eri┼čim yap─▒labiliyor. Bu konuda ek olarak notlar da ald─▒k. Eri┼čimin daha basit ve kolay olmas─▒ i├žin yeni s├╝r├╝mde iyile┼čtirme yapabiliriz. Bilginize.
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    Merhaba @zohi; Yak─▒n zamanda "├ľzellik ─░stek Platformu" aktif olacakt─▒r. Bu sayede istedi─činiz ├Âzellikler i├žin talepler yay─▒nlayabilir, di─čer WISECP kullan─▒c─▒lar─▒n─▒n oylamas─▒n─▒ sa─člayabilir ve geli┼čtiricilerin dikkatini ├žekebilirsiniz. B├Âylelikle ├╝cretli/├╝cretsiz bunu temin edilmesini sa─člayabilirsiniz. ─░lginiz i├žin te┼čekk├╝r ederiz.
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    Ba┼čar─▒lar dilerim iyi forumlar.
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    Ho┼čgeldin, Denizc├╝m.
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    | TR | Neden Bizi Tercih Etmelisiniz? Bu k─▒sm─▒ pek ├žok ki┼či sormakta ve bulamamakta sizlere bug├╝n bunun nereden d├╝zenleyebilece─činizi g├Âsterece─čim. 1. Ad─▒m Admin Panelimize Giri┼č Yap─▒yoruz ve Ayarlar>Tema Ayarlar─▒ k─▒sm─▒na geliyoruz. 2. Ad─▒m Tema ayarlar─▒ndan Anasayfa k─▒sm─▒n─▒ se├žiyoruz. 3. Ad─▒m Bu k─▒s─▒mda Anasayfa > ├ľzellikler k─▒s─▒m─▒ se├žiyoruz. 4. Ad─▒m Bu k─▒s─▒mda ├ľzellikler>Ayarlar diyerek men├╝'ye eri┼čebilirsiniz. Umar─▒m Yararl─▒ bir Rehber olmu┼čtur iyi g├╝nler dilerim. Sevgilerle, Fast
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    Good evening, I test the demo version of WISECP I find it very good! I would like to know when the next major update is planned? An approximate date? Thank you ?
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    WISECP v2.1 has been released. Release Notes: https://docs.wisecp.com/en/kb/v2-1 Upgrading Docs: https://docs.wisecp.com/en/kb/upgrade
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    Her zaman yan─▒n─▒zday─▒m yeterki siz b├Âyle g├╝zel projelere devam edin ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ
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    Aram─▒za ho┼čgeldiniz. Sizi burada g├Ârmekten mutluluk duyduk. Toplulu─ča payla┼č─▒m ve katk─▒lar─▒n─▒z─▒ bekliyor olaca─č─▒z. Te┼čekk├╝r ederiz.
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    Hello, Pls add support for Keyhelp.de web hosting control panel. Here is their api https://app.swaggerhub.com/apis-docs/keyhelp/api/ Thank you!
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    I support this also and pls move this topic/thread to this forum section https://community.wisecp.com/index.php?/forum/13-plugins-themes-payment-gateways/
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    Congrats Wisecp team on release of version 2.1! Anyone else having issue with Easy order? After filling up Registration details and clicking Continue, it wants to prove you are not a bot but there is no captcha or test shown?
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    I am a longtime wordpress user and am wanting to know if it would be possible to use my existing header/footer with the default WISECP Theme or vice versa?
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    Hello, I would like to know if the $ 424 one-time license includes only 1 domain? or can I install on multiple domains? I would like to have an installation for each service that I propose under different domain names or if you proposed a Multistore system? Thank you
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    Thank you for writing on our community forums. First of all, we want you to know that we are working on modules and add-ons that receive a large number of requests. In addition, the Google Maps continues to offer free services up to a certain number of requests. We'll take your suggestion into consideration. Regards Wisecp
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    Hello, you offered the GoogleMAP Api system except that now it has become paid .. If you can replace it with free solutions like OpenStreet or similar MAP solutions? Thank you.
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    Hi, I had been trying your products (trial version) and it is in good shape. My hearty wishes to be one of the best in Web Host Billing Solution. Appreciate if you could consider integrating several plugins for payment. As my business exists in Sri lanka, I would really appreciate if you would consider adding a module / plugin for PAYHERE payment gateway. Thank You.
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    Thank you for joining our community. You can rest assured that we will take your advice into consideration. Thanks.
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    Any update Matt ­čÖé ?
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