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  1. Hi there! Thanks for reply! Stripe is not needed in case it not support recurring ? Do you have any ETA for recurring payments integration? Thanks alot for your help!
  2. Hi there! I understand you dont have documentation yet as it big part of job to create good docs! Yes, I already developed the payment module for it, but if I want to make it to renew automatically, I need to make it to receive notifications of payments after initial payment is received (for example after 1 month) and associate it with appropriate invoice in WiseCP system. I started to learn PayPal gateway code, but I cant find how the recurring payments implemented, Im not sure they are implemented in this module. Stripe is ioncube encoded, so cant learn it. Wondering, if this feature available or not developed yet? Thanks!
  3. Hi there! I installed your GREAT script with trial license and I really love it features and want to migrate from WHMCS asap, but I need to code custom gateway module what Im trying todo now, but I cant find any info about how to make it recurring? Is it possible? Thanks!
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