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  1. Hello dear community,

    I am new here in the forum and would like to introduce myself first:


    Who am I and what do I do?
    My name is Danilo and I am 25 years old and have a company in Germany.

    What is my intention?
    Since a while I support smaller projects like translations of websites to shop systems, furthermore I also support systems like WHMCS.

    Since WHMCS does not appeal to me anymore, I was looking for something new and came across WISECP. I was impressed at first and decided to switch from WHMCS to WISECP step by step.


    What is my project?
    My current project, what I have gestertet today is to develop a payment gateway with the connection to Micropayment and the payment method to support IMMEDIATELY.

    I already have a public repository on Github, if you like you can help me with that, because I'm planning more payment methods in the future.

    To the project: https://github.com/ClayHostDE/WISECP-Micropayment-Sofort-You-can-help-


    With best regards

    Danilo S.

    Company ClayHost

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