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  1. Hello Aiman, we're you able to find someone to create a module for you?
  2. kopiko

    Few Questions

    I think the Demo is limited. Have you tried requesting for a trial and testing that? On my.wisecp.com in Invoice > View > Official invoice download, I get a pdf download and the pdf opens fine.
  3. So I asked if it was possible for them to port their whmcs module to wisecp and they asked for an sdk. Can any admin confirm if there is a wisecp sdk? Thanks!
  4. kopiko

    Few Questions

    I think this is already supported since from my.wisecp.com you can download or view an invoice as pdf
  5. Something like this would be awesome and it supports Directadmin DNS https://whmcsdnsmodule.com/
  6. kopiko

    Few Questions

    Im glad community is getting new users and activity Pls allow sending of contact form without making phone number mandatory
  7. Hello Aiman, yes. Can we talk in pm?
  8. Thank you Wisecp Admin for confirming my registration! Hello Aiman H, I also need an EPP client module and I asked a developer for a quote. Would you like to share the cost in developing said module for Wisecp? If there are others who are also in need of same module, pls reply here. The more to share the cost with, the better!
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