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  1. Please vote here https://requests.wisecp.com/en/req/gandi-registrar-support
  2. Is this using the Wisecp website or Wclient only mode? You can add a new service group from admin panel https://demo.wisecp.com/admin/products/add-new-group You can then edit the sidebar or menu here to activate the new service group https://demo.wisecp.com/admin/manage-website/menus?type=pages-sidebar https://demo.wisecp.com/admin/manage-website/menus?type=clientArea
  3. Hello Onur! Any ETA for this? Like in version 2.2 or 2.1.3? Thank you!
  4. I hope the Wisecp team are safe and well in Turkey during this pandemic. I hope the same for everybody. Take care everyone!
  5. @Aiman H told me he went back to using Whmcs due to no official generic EPP registrar module yet. He said the module created by @Logicmaker is incomplete and buggy. We need an 'official' and 'fully working' module with dns management within Wisecp.
  6. I am curious as to what SSL module for Wisecp other people use? The Gogetssl module is buggy and I am waiting for the Wisecp team to fix it.
  7. Anyone else looking for an EPP registrar module for Wisecp? Maybe we can share the cost of development. The more people the better! Community power! @Aiman H and @Logicmaker are you still there?
  8. Do you mean when ordering web hosting, you want to offer your client a free or paid subdomain under 'natro.com' like 'onurwebsite.natro.com' ? I also made a similar suggestion here I hope it will support both cPanel and Directadmin!
  9. Mailjet and Mailgun are sister companies now so I hope Mailgun will be added to Wisecp soon!
  10. Here is thesslstore api for SSL and cWatch https://www.thesslstore.com/api/ Having a cWatch module from thesslstore will also be welcome as an addon when selling web hosting in Wisecp.
  11. A guide to install Apiscp on vps and Wisecp with recommended config for security and compatibility will be really welcome. Maybe it can be stickied here for those who want to install Wisecp on vps rather than on shared. But I thought when you install Apiscp, by default it is already secure? Im thinking of whether to install Apiscp or Keyhelp on the vps.
  12. Hello Matt! I have Wisecp on cpanel shared and thinking of switching to vps with Apiscp. Have you tried installing Wisecp on vps with Apiscp? I have seen another install Wisecp on vps with Centos / control web panel.
  13. Hello, Pls add support for Keyhelp.de web hosting control panel. Here is their api https://app.swaggerhub.com/apis-docs/keyhelp/api/ Thank you!
  14. I support this also and pls move this topic/thread to this forum section https://community.wisecp.com/index.php?/forum/13-plugins-themes-payment-gateways/
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