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  1. Hello, you offered the GoogleMAP Api system except that now it has become paid .. If you can replace it with free solutions like OpenStreet or similar MAP solutions? Thank you.
  2. Hello, I would like to know if the $ 424 one-time license includes only 1 domain? or can I install on multiple domains? I would like to have an installation for each service that I propose under different domain names or if you proposed a Multistore system? Thank you
  3. NessimS

    Next major update?

    Good evening, I test the demo version of WISECP I find it very good! I would like to know when the next major update is planned? An approximate date? Thank you ?
  4. Hello, Happy to join the new community ? For my first topic I would like to see an integration modules for panel gaming like gamepanel or other open source game server panel.
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