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  1. Hello WiseCP Team I have been working with Orgamax invoicing software for years. Here exists a module for the webshop connection. Unfortunately, there is still no way to connect webshops like WiseCP, there. But Orgamax offers an interface that can be adapted to unsupported stores: https://www.deltra.de/orgamax/downloads/orgaMAX_Shopanbindung.zip. A documentation (unfortunately only in german) is available in the ZIP package. I can ask the Orgamax support if the technical description is available in english. Unfortunately I lack the skill to adapt it to WiseCP. Could you take a loo
  2. This sounds great.. Thanks for your reply Regards Sascha
  3. Good morning, at the moment im playing a little bit with WISECP. If everything is working fine i wille buy a license, because i like this work! Now i try to buy a webhosting serive and at the point domain i can coose between "register a new domain" or "i still have a domain". If i coose "i still have a domain" there is no button "transfer". So i can't add the auth info. Under the domain servive the button "transfer" exists and i can add the auth info. Do i something wrong? Or should i nee to activate this in the webhosting service? Regards Sascha
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