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  1. Hi I am working on a project where i need to create a custom page on the root. Lets take a example: I create a php file on the root test.php. I Include the init.php here to use database and other helper functions. After including the init.php the file is not accessible on the root in the chrome. I think some type of routing is blocking it. I does not found any doc for that. What is the right way to create a custom page in wisecp?
  2. Hi I am working on a wisecp module where i want to send email to the admin to notify about specific event but i was not able to find any api or function of wisecp to do this. Is this feature exist. If yes why it is not mention in any doc. I want to log all the email have been send from wisecp so if i send them from wisecp, They will be logged automatically and i don't have to manually setup smtp or anything else for email.
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