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  1. RWHost

    Free Domin

    Hi, is it also possible to limit the Free domain TLDs ? For instance, I'd like that my clients to be able and order with the 2years plan, one .com or .net domain for free.
  2. RWHost

    Help cpanel

    Please provide more info: You configured your master reseller login or just a cPanel account?
  3. RWHost

    Help cpanel

    You had your server configured prior to this and it was in working state?
  4. For reasons we all are fully aware, we are in search to migrate our current Billing and Web Hosting integration system to a new one. So far what I see missing is integration with providers such as LeaseWeb (they offer an API for their services) and InternetBS for domains, even though the ones that currently exist will do the job as our main business is Web Hosting and VPS / Dedicated servers. I can see that Wisecp is new to the game but from the first 24hours I've spent checking on it I believe it's very promising. So far the stopping point for us in order to migrate our 2 bra
  5. The oposite, BaDTaG asked for a wisecp module that he used to have in his WHMCS before migrate to wisecp
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