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Welcome here to the Wisecp community.
Nice that you found your way into our community. So that all users of this site feel comfortable here, we ask that you observe the following information on dealing with one another.

The use of the community.wisecp.com forum is only permitted if you as a user accept the following rules and terms of use:

Respect and respect for one another.
Please make sure that you deal fairly and objectively with one another in your contributions. This forum lives from people of different views, opinions and values. They all deserve your respect, especially in controversial discussions. Good discussions can only develop with tolerance and openness. The simple basic rule for this: Never write something that you would not say on the face of your counterpart in front of others.

Avoid misunderstandings.
The risk of misunderstandings is particularly high in the virtual space due to the lack of facial expressions and a lack of tone of voice. Make sure that the user you want to answer means what you understand. In case of doubt, it is helpful to ask - in particular, you should pay attention to whether irony or humor may have been involved. You can usually tell from the smiley symbols. Smileys help make it easier to understand in virtual space, use them: If you add irony or humor, mark the corresponding passage with a smiley face or a wink ­čśë


New forum participants sometimes make the mistake of breaking into an existing discussion without a face. In a real discussion group, you would not sit down to speak immediately. As a new member, please introduce yourself briefly to the community and give yourself a contact name or nickname with which you would like to be addressed and which can also be pronounced. Although this is not an explicit requirement for us, it makes cooperation a lot easier. We reserve the right to check the nickname and can also reject it. Please avoid any topics that are controversial in nature, such as religion, politics, or sexuality. Experience has shown that these derail after a very short time and are therefore deleted by us. In topics and contributions, please first and foremost adhere to the core topic of this portal.


With best regards

Wisecp - Discord and Forum Moderator

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Wisecp toplulu─čuna ho┼č geldiniz.
Toplulu─čumuza girmeniz ├žok g├╝zel. Bu sitenin t├╝m kullan─▒c─▒lar─▒n─▒n burada kendilerini rahat hissetmeleri i├žin, birbirleriyle ili┼čkilerde a┼ča─č─▒daki bilgileri dikkate alman─▒z─▒ rica ediyoruz.

community.wisecp.com forumunun kullan─▒m─▒na yaln─▒zca bir kullan─▒c─▒ olarak a┼ča─č─▒daki kullan─▒m kurallar─▒n─▒ ve ko┼čullar─▒n─▒ kabul etmeniz halinde izin verilir:

Birbirinize sayg─▒ ve sayg─▒.
L├╝tfen katk─▒lar─▒n─▒zda birbirinize adil ve tarafs─▒z bir ┼čekilde yakla┼čt─▒─č─▒n─▒zdan emin olun. Bu forum, farkl─▒ g├Âr├╝┼č, fikir ve de─čerlere sahip insanlardan ya┼č─▒yor. Hepsi, ├Âzellikle tart─▒┼čmal─▒ tart─▒┼čmalarda sayg─▒n─▒z─▒ hak ediyor. ─░yi tart─▒┼čmalar ancak ho┼čg├Âr├╝ ve a├ž─▒kl─▒kla geli┼čebilir. Bunun i├žin basit temel kural: Kar┼č─▒ taraf─▒n y├╝z├╝ne ba┼čkalar─▒n─▒n ├Ân├╝nde s├Âylemeyece─činiz bir ┼čeyi asla yazmay─▒n.

Yanl─▒┼č anlamalardan ka├ž─▒n─▒n.
Y├╝z ifadelerinin olmamas─▒ ve ses tonunun olmamas─▒ nedeniyle, yanl─▒┼č anlama riski ├Âzellikle sanal alanda y├╝ksektir. Cevaplamak istedi─činiz kullan─▒c─▒n─▒n, anlad─▒─č─▒n─▒z anlam─▒na geldi─činden emin olun. ┼×├╝phe durumunda, sormak faydal─▒d─▒r - ├Âzellikle ironi veya mizah─▒n i┼čin i├žinde olup olmad─▒─č─▒na dikkat etmelisiniz. Genellikle g├╝len y├╝z sembollerinden anlayabilirsiniz. Suratlar, sanal alanda anlamay─▒ kolayla┼čt─▒rmaya yard─▒mc─▒ olur, onlar─▒ kullan─▒n: ─░roni veya mizah eklerseniz, kar┼č─▒l─▒k gelen pasaj─▒ bir g├╝len y├╝z veya g├Âz k─▒rparak i┼čaretleyin ­čśë

Yeni forum kat─▒l─▒mc─▒lar─▒ bazen y├╝z├╝ olmayan mevcut bir tart─▒┼čmaya girme hatas─▒n─▒ yapar. Ger├žek bir tart─▒┼čma grubunda, hemen konu┼čmak i├žin oturmazd─▒n─▒z. Yeni bir ├╝ye olarak, l├╝tfen toplulu─ča kendinizi k─▒saca tan─▒t─▒n ve kendinize hitap edilmesini istedi─činiz ve ayr─▒ca telaffuz edilebilecek bir ki┼či ad─▒ veya takma ad verin. Bu bizim i├žin a├ž─▒k bir gereklilik olmasa da i┼čbirli─čini ├žok daha kolay hale getiriyor. Takma ad─▒ kontrol etme hakk─▒m─▒z─▒ sakl─▒ tutar─▒z ve ayr─▒ca reddedebiliriz. L├╝tfen din, politika veya cinsellik gibi do─čas─▒ gere─či tart─▒┼čmal─▒ konulardan ka├ž─▒n─▒n. Deneyimler, bunlar─▒n ├žok k─▒sa bir s├╝re sonra raydan ├ž─▒kt─▒─č─▒n─▒ ve bu nedenle taraf─▒m─▒zdan silindi─čini g├Âstermi┼čtir. Konular ve katk─▒larda, l├╝tfen ├Âncelikle ve en ├Ânemlisi bu portal─▒n ana konusuna uyun.

With best regards

Wisecp - Discord and Forum Moderator

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