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    I am a longtime wordpress user and am wanting to know if it would be possible to use my existing header/footer with the default WISECP Theme or vice versa?
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    Good evening, I test the demo version of WISECP I find it very good! I would like to know when the next major update is planned? An approximate date? Thank you 😀
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    Hello, I would like to know if the $ 424 one-time license includes only 1 domain? or can I install on multiple domains? I would like to have an installation for each service that I propose under different domain names or if you proposed a Multistore system? Thank you
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    Hello, you offered the GoogleMAP Api system except that now it has become paid .. If you can replace it with free solutions like OpenStreet or similar MAP solutions? Thank you.
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    Thank you for writing on our community forums. First of all, we want you to know that we are working on modules and add-ons that receive a large number of requests. In addition, the Google Maps continues to offer free services up to a certain number of requests. We'll take your suggestion into consideration. Regards Wisecp
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    Hi, I had been trying your products (trial version) and it is in good shape. My hearty wishes to be one of the best in Web Host Billing Solution. Appreciate if you could consider integrating several plugins for payment. As my business exists in Sri lanka, I would really appreciate if you would consider adding a module / plugin for PAYHERE payment gateway. Thank You.
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    Merhaba; öncelikle böyle bir sistemin milli bir sistem olması acıkca bizi grurlandırıyor. Demo hesabı tam olarak inceledim gercektem whmcs ile kyaslayınca inanılmaz hızlı ve güvende veriyor.. Emeği gecen herkese teşekkür ederim. Aslında firma içi domain transfer modülü olması bence bu sistemde büyük farklılık yaratabilir, malumunuz r10 gibi büyük platformlarda domain satışı sıkça yapılmakta... Domain transfer modülü bence hosting firmalarının müsterilerine sunduğu bir + olacaktır. Teşekkürler
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    WiseCP yazılımı bir çok ihtiyacı karşılayacak ve ekonomik ödeme koşulları bulunan güzel bir yazılım. Bu yazılım da emeği geçen herkese teşekkürler.
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