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  2. Hello Thank you for writing on our community forum. You can submit a request for this on our feature request platform. https://requests.wisecp.com You can also communicate with experts in the developer list. https://developers.wisecp.com
  3. hello, Has anyone made a plugin to use square? Can someone make me a plugin to use square on WISECP? I am ready to pay! Thank you. https://squareup.com/ca/en
  4. Rsj

    Meta tags "Only client panel"

    Meta tags can be modified in /templates/website/Modern/inc/ac-head.php ( for the default template "Modern" )
  5. Hello!! I hope someone can help me on the following issue: Using the template "Modern" - Only Clienr Panel" the meta tag "robots" content = "NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW" I cannot modify it. Any suggestions / help ?? Thank you very much!!!
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  7. Hello @LIONHAERT Welcome to our community! If you need any help or information, we are here. Have a nice day!
  8. WISECP V2.2 Beta Released! Please click here for more information. https://www.wisecp.com/en/whats-new ********* WISECP V2.2 Beta Yayınlandı! Detaylı bilgi için lütfen tıklayın. https://www.wisecp.com/tr/whats-new
  9. Hello, my name is Shady I will localize the script Convert to Arabic I wish you welcome
  10. Merhaba sayın wisecp kullanıcıları, Bizler Ajansfly Dijital Reklam Ajansı'yız. Sosyal Medya Yönetimi, Web Hosting, Alan Adı Web Tasarım Gibi Hizmetler Veriyoruz.
  11. I Totally agree! A hug 😉
  12. I hope WiseCP doesn't follow the mainstream path. I've been following you guys for sometime now, and have slowly seen the changes you have implemented. A lot of resemblances I am seeing are coming from WHMCS and I hope that eventually you guys will keep all the billing software competitors in mind, but make your own service into your own brand and not a look alike. As such, the market place. It's a great and needed addition, once again resembles WHMCS marketplace dearly. And the worst of what I have seen... monthly fee's on addons, similar to ModuelsGarden. I hope that you guys don't try to mimic these brands too much. Renting a license is one thing, but having to pay monthly on addons is a whole other scheme of things. You guys have potential and I will be interested to see where you are at in the next 5 years but the hosting community needs a new branch, a new flavor, not a copy cat. Looking forward to the progression!
  13. 2. sorum tema yönetimden yapıldığını buldum 1. sorum halen geçerli
  14. Merhaba, siteye girince bu bölüm nasıl değiştirilir ve bu headerleri nasıl yapabilirim bulamadım:Ç(
  15. @Emre merhaba, noc-ps için api dökümanı var mıdır acaba ?
  16. Please vote here https://requests.wisecp.com/en/req/gandi-registrar-support
  17. Is this using the Wisecp website or Wclient only mode? You can add a new service group from admin panel https://demo.wisecp.com/admin/products/add-new-group You can then edit the sidebar or menu here to activate the new service group https://demo.wisecp.com/admin/manage-website/menus?type=pages-sidebar https://demo.wisecp.com/admin/manage-website/menus?type=clientArea
  18. Hello No such planning is available at this time. You can create a post on requests.wisecp.com if you want. Thank you for your interest.
  19. Hello dear community, I am new here in the forum and would like to introduce myself first: Who am I and what do I do? My name is Danilo and I am 25 years old and have a company in Germany. What is my intention? Since a while I support smaller projects like translations of websites to shop systems, furthermore I also support systems like WHMCS. Since WHMCS does not appeal to me anymore, I was looking for something new and came across WISECP. I was impressed at first and decided to switch from WHMCS to WISECP step by step. What is my project? My current project, what I have gestertet today is to develop a payment gateway with the connection to Micropayment and the payment method to support IMMEDIATELY. I already have a public repository on Github, if you like you can help me with that, because I'm planning more payment methods in the future. To the project: https://github.com/ClayHostDE/WISECP-Micropayment-Sofort-You-can-help- With best regards Danilo S. Company ClayHost
  20. Hi, We have been taking a look at a few different alternative systems and the only thing that is really stopping us from jumping over to WiseCP at the moment is that we need a module for domain registration with Gandi. Any plans to create a gandi registration module?
  21. You fixed that with your PRO support. Thanks again!
  22. Hello, Thank you for contacting us. the default theme css layout cannot be overridden. It can only be edited through. The standard css file is located on the following path; https://www.example.com/templates/website/Default/css/wisecp.php If you need more information, please let us know. Thank you for your interest. Regards WISECP
  23. Congratulations for the project.

  24. Hello, I need to change the font of the default CSS because that nice font does not work great at my language. How can I change some CSS rules please wit override?
  25. Nothing yet. It's scheduled for when time permits, whenever that may be. I'm on a deadline to migrate over a few old platforms from my hosting business by June when ACME v2 becomes mandatory. First two have been taken care of. Another 2 even older servers are next on the list and I'm sure will require some rewrites to the migration code that I froze on that platform circa 2016. On top of that pushing out code for ApisCP as well as building out documentation whenever I have downtime. 24 hours in a day isn't enough time to catch up to everything all at once. I'm making progress, but have to honor my prior commitments first. 🙃
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