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  2. Merhaba, Evet döküman mevcut. Hatta Blesta ve Hostbill için yazılmış açık kaynak modülleri de site üzerinde hazır olarak mevcut. Dilerseniz onları da indirip entegre edebilirsiniz. http://www.noc-ps.com/downloads/PXE_API.html
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  4. maquinna

    kirik link

    Selamlar https://dev.wisecp.com/tr/kb/3-tema-nasil-ozellestirilir sayfasındaki örnek dosya linki (507.Satırdaki) https://github.com/wisecp/samples/blob/master/themes/example-theme-settings.php olarak eski link duruyor sanırım, 404 sayfasına düşüyor. bunu https://github.com/wisecp/themes/blob/master/example-theme-settings.php güncellersiniz. İyi çalışmalar
  5. Onur

    paylaşımlı sunucu sorunu

    Merhaba @zohi Bu gibi konular için my.wisecp.com destek sistemimiz üzerinden bir destek bileti oluşturabilirsiniz. Durumunuz en kısa sürede inceleyip size detaylı bilgi verilecektir. Topluluk forumumuza yazdığınız için teşekkür ederiz.
  6. merhaba paylaşımlı sunucumun tüm bilgilerini doğru girmeme rağmen hiçbir şekilde etkin olmuyor. konu hakkında yardımcı olabilecek varmı?
  7. Hello @Jamie Penner I will inform our developer team about all this and we will think about what we can do. Thank you for your interest.
  8. bu konuda çözüm ve destek sağlayabilirsiniz seve seve wisecp'ye geçmek isteriz.
  9. I've been trying a demo and have been looking at the Tax Rules but it looks like the software isn't compliant with Canadian Sales Tax rules. Has anyone found a way to do this, or is there plans to expand the taxes rules to multiple taxes? Here's the explanation of how it works. Different provinces (and territories) in Canada have different rules. There is GST (the federal sales tax that every province has), PST (which each province can set their own rate and rules for and, in one province, there is no PST), and HST (which in some provinces is a combined PST and GST (Harmonized Sales Tax) that is collected by the federal government on behalf of the province). In British Columbia, where I am located, some products are subject to PST and GST, and some are PST exempt and you only charge GST. If you are selling to another province, you collect either the GST or HST, whichever is applicable there. So, as an example of a sale in BC, if I sell hosting and domain registration, the hosting gets charged 5% GST and 7% PST, and the domain is only charged the 5% GST. In some cases, the client can also be GST and/or PST exempt under different circumstances. The criteria for exemption could be the type of product (i.e.: hosting is a communication product so is taxable with both taxes, but the domain is not so it is exempt from 1 of the taxes), if a product is for resale, etc.. The exemption rules are insane! We are required to breakdown the amount of tax on an invoice as separate lines items, for example: INVOICE SUB TOTAL: $100.00 GST (5%): $5.00 PST (7%): $7.00 TOTAL PAYABLE: $112.00 More information on this mayhem can be found at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sales_taxes_in_Canada Thanks in advance!
  10. Hello Thank you for writing on our community forum. You can submit a request for this on our feature request platform. https://requests.wisecp.com You can also communicate with experts in the developer list. https://developers.wisecp.com
  11. hello, Has anyone made a plugin to use square? Can someone make me a plugin to use square on WISECP? I am ready to pay! Thank you. https://squareup.com/ca/en
  12. Rsj

    Meta tags "Only client panel"

    Meta tags can be modified in /templates/website/Modern/inc/ac-head.php ( for the default template "Modern" )
  13. Hello!! I hope someone can help me on the following issue: Using the template "Modern" - Only Clienr Panel" the meta tag "robots" content = "NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW" I cannot modify it. Any suggestions / help ?? Thank you very much!!!
  14. Hello @LIONHAERT Welcome to our community! If you need any help or information, we are here. Have a nice day!
  15. WISECP V2.2 Beta Released! Please click here for more information. https://www.wisecp.com/en/whats-new ********* WISECP V2.2 Beta Yayınlandı! Detaylı bilgi için lütfen tıklayın. https://www.wisecp.com/tr/whats-new
  16. Hello, my name is Shady I will localize the script Convert to Arabic I wish you welcome
  17. Merhaba sayın wisecp kullanıcıları, Bizler Ajansfly Dijital Reklam Ajansı'yız. Sosyal Medya Yönetimi, Web Hosting, Alan Adı Web Tasarım Gibi Hizmetler Veriyoruz.
  18. I Totally agree! A hug 😉
  19. I hope WiseCP doesn't follow the mainstream path. I've been following you guys for sometime now, and have slowly seen the changes you have implemented. A lot of resemblances I am seeing are coming from WHMCS and I hope that eventually you guys will keep all the billing software competitors in mind, but make your own service into your own brand and not a look alike. As such, the market place. It's a great and needed addition, once again resembles WHMCS marketplace dearly. And the worst of what I have seen... monthly fee's on addons, similar to ModuelsGarden. I hope that you guys don't try to mimic these brands too much. Renting a license is one thing, but having to pay monthly on addons is a whole other scheme of things. You guys have potential and I will be interested to see where you are at in the next 5 years but the hosting community needs a new branch, a new flavor, not a copy cat. Looking forward to the progression!
  20. 2. sorum tema yönetimden yapıldığını buldum 1. sorum halen geçerli
  21. Merhaba, siteye girince bu bölüm nasıl değiştirilir ve bu headerleri nasıl yapabilirim bulamadım:Ç(
  22. @Emre merhaba, noc-ps için api dökümanı var mıdır acaba ?
  23. Please vote here https://requests.wisecp.com/en/req/gandi-registrar-support
  24. Is this using the Wisecp website or Wclient only mode? You can add a new service group from admin panel https://demo.wisecp.com/admin/products/add-new-group You can then edit the sidebar or menu here to activate the new service group https://demo.wisecp.com/admin/manage-website/menus?type=pages-sidebar https://demo.wisecp.com/admin/manage-website/menus?type=clientArea
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