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  2. If you want to develop a WISECP module for your service, you can apply for a developer and publish your product on the "Marketplace". https://developers.wisecp.com/en/become-a-developer https://dev.wisecp.com/en/kb/getting-started-international-sms-api-integration
  3. If you get the CRITICAL_LICENSE_ERROR error, it means that your host cannot connect to our license servers over CURL. We recommend that you review your server's CURL library and check that you can connect to "my.wisecp.com" via CURL.
  4. License verifications are controlled through multiple license servers. If a server cannot be reached, verification is provided through the other license server.
  5. Hi, Is this something that you still experience or it was temporary?
  6. Both PayPal and Stripe have "dev" or "test" mode, I hope that helps.
  7. This is a good question, but I guess it's already taken under consideration. As in any encrypted / licensed product, failures occur. But I expect that license verification is not something that happens quite often so ...a failure should not become a concern if it's not an outage of days.
  8. 1. First, create your account on SMSala. Note: Sign up on smsala.com for worldwide SMS reach. Customers can sign up to smsala if they desire to send bulk SMS in worldwide. 2. Download Bulk SMS API
  9. I am not so sure it's similar to WHMCS, what I see though is that monthly payments for plugins etc ....while WiseCP already lucks many plugins needed. Haven't done the transfer yet ...but we already having second thoughts in regards due to luck of plugins.
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  11. Messages are seldom posted on our community forum, as our users generally get quick and effective solutions through our support system or chat instantly with other WISECP users via our Discord channel. Please write to us if you need any help. We will be happy to assist you. ­čÖé
  12. As the topic states, how active is this forum and how active is the support feedback of WISECP? Does anyone use this and can you give some details?
  13. I agree with the points raise here. WISECP resembles WHMCS in may areas, this is sort of a good thing but also bad because the horrible WHMCS look is everywhere. HostBill is at least different from WHMCS. It would be great if these guys develop their own unique and modern look and functionality.
  14. It would be nice if the GogetSSL module gets the CSR generator function included.
  15. Thank you for your sharing and contribution @Johannes ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ It will be very useful for our German users ­čĹŹ
  16. Hi guys, i translated the mail templates to german. I did some modifications where i thought they make sense, very basic at all. Included: Mailtemplates (html) and Subjects (json) Not included: SMS-translation (txt files) 2 or 3 files were empty, they are here empty too ("Kundenvorg├Ąnge/├ťberpr├╝fung der Telefonnummer", "Rechnung/Subscription Payment Failed") You finde the "de" folder in the zip. Copy it over /templates/notifications/de Hope you may find it useful as startingpoint for your own translations. I am not responsible for any damage. And in "invoice-overdue", there is a wrong "fixed invoice number" instead a variable /admin/notifications/templates/edit?group=invoice&key=invoice-overdue "Your invoice #525 is now overdue, .. " --> replace "#525" with "#{invoice_id}" de - Mailvorlagen.zip
  17. Hi @ChrisTERiS I think what you are looking for is exactly here;
  18. Hello, Have read the documentation and gave a look in settings admin/settings/theme?group=home but can't find how I can change the slides in top header slider in homepage (Modern Theme). Any help is appreciated ­čÖé Chris
  19. Hello hostingseekers I ask you in the future to post the correct area and not in the member presentation because this is not a member presentation what you have written but advertising. With best regards Detlef Wisecp - Discord and Forum Moderator
  20. Hi everyone, I see that many of the payment gateways have test transactions settings, does anyone know how to create a test transaction? I would imagine I could create a test user and somehow at the cart or at some place select to run a test transaction, but don't see the option. Thanks in advance.
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  22. Alan ad─▒ yazman─▒ Api ├╝zerinde Manuel i┼člem yapmaya gerek duyulmadan M├╝┼čteri panelinde sadece domain alanlar i├žin domain y├Ânlendirme k─▒sm─▒ olsayd─▒ s├╝per olurdu.
  23. merhaba domain yenileme faturas─▒n─▒ ├Âdenmemi┼č "daha sonra ├Âdenecek" ┼čekilde domainin nas─▒l yenileyebilirim? ayr─▒ca yaz─▒l─▒mlar b├Âl├╝m├╝nde hosting paketleri se├žene─činde sistemdeki t├╝m hostingler de─čilde, sadece se├žti─čim hosting paketi ├ž─▒kmas─▒n─▒ nas─▒l sa─člayabilirim?
  24. Merhabalar, ekte bulunan i┼čaretli yer gibi nas─▒l footer men├╝s├╝ ekleyebilirim? Site y├Ânetimi > men├╝ > footer'da eklemeye ├žal─▒┼čt─▒─č─▒m zaman men├╝ olarak eklemeyi bulamad─▒m.
  25. Today I'll go to update my wisecp V2.3.0 Then I am did not loging my panel. Please check attachment file Thanks Joypur Host
  26. Yes, I want to reconsider the free license Your script gave a lot of people. First leave the paid script and go towards your script. You have a script that has huge support from the team. In the future, any site can upgrade to the paid version to get more clients. Please study this topic a lot. Please I really like your script and I translated the script into Farsi
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