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  2. Password authentication is used for server connection. Don't worry, this process is operated in an extremely safe manner. All your passwords are stored completely securely. For detailed information about how we handle security, you can review the link below. https://docs.wisecp.com/en/kbc/security
  3. Welcome to our community @DIHER ­čĹő
  4. This is possible. An external purchase link can be defined on all product packages. Please see: http://prntscr.com/11ep8tm You can use the free license this way. No problem. ­čśë
  5. Hi Sascha, Unfortunately, domain name transfer is not possible in the hosting purchasing process. Only a new domain name can be registered. But we have improvement notes for this and it may be possible in the future.
  6. We received lots of notifications on this matter and took immediate action. We are working on recurring payments. We can say that it is less than 1 month for ETA.
  7. Bu hatay─▒ halen g├Ârmenizin nedeni, Intl k├╝t├╝phanesinin halen etkin olmamas─▒d─▒r. ├ç├Âz├╝m i├žin servis sa─člay─▒c─▒n─▒zdan veya bir sunucu y├Ânetim uzman─▒ndan destek almal─▒s─▒n─▒z.
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  9. Even if possible would WiseCP have issue with using the free license in this way?
  10. Support ticket closed. Pricing for more than 1 million working as expected for now. Thank you for amazing support!
  11. Does WiseCP support this feature ..? few days ago I tried to use API for cPanel / WHM authentication instead of password but it didn't connect.
  12. Greetings, I am DIDI HERMAWAN from Indonesia. I am interested in WiseCP especially a good website design. My Website: www.diher.solutions
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  14. Hello @Onur Yes, you are correct, it should be v2.3, my apologize if its give confusion. Ôś║´ŞĆ Ticket has successfully replied.
  15. WiseCP doesn't currently support recurring billing. They have said it's now on their agenda.
  16. Hi, Would it be possible to use WiseCP as a frontend website until ready to migrate back end from WHMCS? For example could I use WiseCP on free license and point products on front page to WHMCS urls back end? I'm looking to migrate to WiseCP but only once recurring billing is supported. Are all the menu items customizable to any URL or are they hard coded to WiseCP back end URL's?
  17. Good morning, at the moment im playing a little bit with WISECP. If everything is working fine i wille buy a license, because i like this work! Now i try to buy a webhosting serive and at the point domain i can coose between "register a new domain" or "i still have a domain". If i coose "i still have a domain" there is no button "transfer". So i can't add the auth info. Under the domain servive the button "transfer" exists and i can add the auth info. Do i something wrong? Or should i nee to activate this in the webhosting service? Regards Sascha
  18. Is there any update on this? Is it in active development? It's been two years now since this post. I'm now looking to move away from WHCMS and WiseCP was looking to be top of my list until I realised you don't support recurring billing. For me this is a deal breaker.
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  20. Hello @fazar I think you upgraded to v2.3. Because v2.3.1 release has not been distributed yet. A support ticket has been created in support system at the my.wisecp.com client area to resolve your issue immediately. Please check and provide us with the necessary information.
  21. Merhaba, Wisecp kurulumunda 2. ad─▒mda (Intl Library Aktif olmal─▒d─▒r.) hatas─▒ al─▒yorum, hosting sa─člay─▒c─▒m ile g├Âr├╝┼čt├╝m ve kendimde denedim ancak ne yapt─▒ysam sorunu gideremedim, konuyla ilgili yard─▒mc─▒ olmacak var m─▒?
  22. hello @Onur Thank you for your kind reply, and thank you for the updates. Today, we have successfully updated our WiseCP installation to v2.3.1. Seems problem persist on v2.3.1. Unfortunately, I can't open ticket, since we're currently have very little customers and utilize free WiseCP license. ­čśë
  23. I think the document below is what you are looking for. You may need a developer for this. https://dev.wisecp.com/en/kb/getting-started-international-sms-api-integration
  24. We are improving this situation with the v2.3.1. If you want it applied to your system immediately, you can create a ticket from my.wisecp.com client area.
  25. How to add local SMA api integration in wisecp My local SMS Provider give me this api. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZqsIEln4PK50weJ3XOFl7JnWuY45ULtOpm6bb4tGtuY/edit?usp=sharing How I add this in my wisecp panel?
  26. Onur bey olay basit asl─▒nda, bence ┼ču olay─▒ yapman─▒z gerekir; https://prnt.sc/1174cks Bu alana WHM otomasyonunu getirmeniz sonucunda hi├žbir ek olayla u─čra┼čmadan direkt whm bayilik hizmetinide kullan─▒c─▒lar─▒nz─▒ rahatl─▒kla m├╝┼čterilerine sunmaya ba┼člarla. Yanl─▒┼č anlamay─▒n ama ├žok ge├ž kal─▒nm─▒┼č bir olay diyebilirim. Hosting satan bir ki┼či Reseller hostingde sat─▒yor hemen, hemen. Bir ├žok yaz─▒l─▒m WHM sunuyor otomasyonda. Ama umuyorumki bug├╝n yr─▒n yeni s├╝r├╝me yans─▒taacaks─▒n─▒zd─▒r├ž
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  28. ├ťr├╝n eklesemde yaz─▒l─▒mlar da ├╝r├╝n g├Âz├╝km├╝yor napabilirim? diger her┼čey s─▒k─▒nt─▒s─▒z cal─▒s─▒yor birisi yard─▒mc─▒ olabilirmi?
  29. Hi, I just have a question please? I have a Braintree Payment Gateway and I'm trying to see if there's anyone can refer me to a developer can integrate or help me with that. Thank you,
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