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Found 5 results

  1. Black Friday & Cyber Monday Special for WISECP. PreMadeKB & DemoTiger - Get 66% OFF - OMG! Addon 1 - PreMadeKB Articles for WISECP - 444+ KB Articles. PreMadeKB Provides ReadyMade Articles written by professionals for your Customers. Integrate high quality content with WISECP Knowledgebase. - Order PreMadeKB Articles for WISECP @ $34 (30% Discount - Coupon: KBBlackFriday). Sample/Demo Article - WISECP. Addon 2 - DemoTiger Video Knowledgebase for WISECP - 201+ HD Videos DemoTiger provides series of high quality(1080p & 720p) video tutorials for Web Hosting companies. The Videos, with audio and text instructions, are made by professionals and guide the web hosting customers step by step. One can advertise his brand with logo inside every video of the series. These videos are integrated with your WISECP Knowledge-base and provide real time support to your clients. - All Series/All Videos (201 Videos - English) Order DemoTiger Video Tutorials @ $99 (66%+ Discount - Coupon code: BlackFriday99) - cPanel Series Only (110 Videos - English) - Order cPanel Video Tutorials @ $75 (49%+ OFF - Coupon code: BlackFriday74cP) - cPanel Tutorials in Dutch Language - Order cPanel Tutorials - Without Audio. - DirectAdmin Tutorials in Dutch Language - Order DA Tutorials - Without Audio. Click to View Sample Video of DemoTiger All PreMadeKB articles and DemoTiger videos can integrate with your Knowledgebase website without affecting existing articles on the website. Thanks.
  2. We are glad to inform you that we have uploaded new videos on cPanel's latest theme Jupiter. Videos are available in the voice of a human voice-over artist. Audio by a human voice-over artist. This is a limited time offer. Purchase video tutorials for your Knowledge-base, and stand different from other hosting companies. Helpful for boosting your website SEO/Ranking. Used by various companies. High-quality video tutorials are made by professionals. Videos with audio and text instructions guide viewers properly. Now reduce your tickets and advertise your brand by displaying the customized logo of your company in tutorials. Plans: - All Series / All Videos at - $140 (Coupon Code: VideoPress ) Order Now - Buy All Videos - For WISECP Save time by purchasing our Latest DemoTiger Videos for your WISECP Billing System. We have 214+ video tutorials on the latest version of cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook 2019, FileZilla, Cloudflare, SolusVM, Virtualizor, etc. If you wish to compete with bigger companies having lots of video tutorials for their customers, then it is your chance to advertise and increase your presence by buying high-quality video tutorials from DemoTiger. Video Categories: Basics of cPanel (26 Videos) DirectAdmin (48 Videos) Plesk Series (47 Videos) Clouflare (9 Videos) Database(11 Videos) Domain Management (10) Email (5) FTP (4) Mozilla Thunderbird (6) Outlook 2019 (6) FileZilla Client (5) SolusVM (18) Virtualizor (19) Available Modes: Full HD (1080p) HD (720p) DemoTiger Videos are easy to integrate with your knowledge base.
  3. Merhaba Netgsm dün itibari ile müşterilere gönderdiği sms bilgilendirmeleride türkçe karakter hatası vermeye başladı gelen mesajı ekliyorum daha önce yaşayan oldumu veya çözümü nedir acaba ?
  4. Stellar Stellar is a premium WordPress Theme. Developed from the ground up, it's a complete solution for your web hosting or related business allowing you to combine the power of WordPress & WISECP. Stellar comes packed with many features and includes unlimited support as standard. Price: $99.99 - optional $30/year for access to all future versions Learn More | View Demo | Order Now ^ Please view the links above to learn more about Stellar. Save $15 On Stellar! Use coupon code forum15 during checkout for a huge $15 discount on our Stellar WordPress Theme! Features - Theme Options - Wizard Panel is our exclusive theme options panel found inside WordPress. With Wizard Panel you can edit settings, upload your logo, access shortcodes, manage software integration & more. - Responsive - Stellar is responsive & fluid WordPress Theme meaning it will automatically adapt to fit the size of the device (desktop, tablet, mobile etc) your visitor is using. - WISECP Integration ($30) - We include an optional WISECP Integration. Stellar dynamically generates a copy of your header/footer including all content, customizations and settings. This can then be easily added to your WISECP Integration Template so both your WordPress website and WISECP match in design. We have created an easy copy/paste process showing you how to apply your websites header/footer to WISECP. Note, the integration is static so it does not update automatically. All of the links between WordPress & WISECP (e.g the Contact, View Cart & Client Area buttons) will work instantly after adding your WISECP URL to Wizard Panel. Stellar also supports other billing software including WHMCS, Clientexec, HostBill & WISECP.Integrate Stellar with the most popular softwares (WHMCS, Blesta, Clientexec, WISECP, HostBill & BoxBilling) to add functionality to your website such as domain/hosting automation, client accounts, invoicing & more. - Shortcode Generator - Shortcode is similar to HTML but easier to edit. Stellar includes exclusive shortcode that generates fully customizable plan display options, banners, content blocks, buttons & more. - Ready Made Pages/Content - Stellar includes ready-made pages for the most popular services including Shared Hosting, Game Servers, IPTV & more. These pages also feature exclusive content and are edited using WordPress. - 6 Plan Displays - The Stellar theme comes with 6 product/service display layouts using easy to customize shortcode. Included layouts are pricing tables, data tables, feature boxes & sliders. - 3 Menu Designs - Stellar supports 3 menu designs that can be set easily within Wizard Panel. Options include an exclusive mega menu (multi-settings), standard dropdown & a standard menu. - 2 Header Designs - The Stellar theme supports 2 header design layouts that can be set instantly via Wizard Panel. These options change the positioning of your logo and menu. - Multi-Language Support - The Stellar theme includes built-in multi-language support thanks to the Google Translate option that can be enabled from within Wizard Panel. It also support RTL alignment. - Social Integration - We have integrated 25+ social networks throughout Stellar with display options in the footer, sidebar & side widget. Manage your profiles and display within Wizard Panel. - No Plugins Required - Stellar includes everything you see within the demo without using any plugins. Everything is within the theme itself which is optimum for the speed and security of your website. - Easy Updates - Stellar is built in a way that makes updates very quick & easy without the risk of loosing any customizations. This is also the case for our software integrations. - Full WordPress Support - Stellar embraces the power of WordPress. Create unlimited pages, posts, menus, widgets, content. Customize your website via WordPress, no coding necessary. And much more >> View All Features Software Integration Explained This is a WordPress Theme with an optional WISECP Integration Template ($30/year). The recommended setup is: domain.com/ = WordPress Theme domain.com/directory/ = WISECP Integration Template Stellar dynamically generates a copy of your header/footer including all content, customizations and settings. This can then be easily added to your WISECP template so both your WordPress website and WISECP match in design. We have created an easy copy/paste process showing you how to apply your websites header/footer to the WISECP. Note, the integration is static so it does not update automatically. All of the links between WordPress & WISECP (e.g the Contact, View Cart & Client Area buttons) will work instantly after adding your WISECP URL to Wizard Panel. All of the customizations are made to the WordPress Theme so no WISECP Integration files ever need to be modified. This makes updates to the WISECP Integration very easy as it's just a case of uploading the new files we provide to replace the existing when WISECP is updated. Stellar also supports a wide range of software including WHMCS, Clientexec, Blesta, HostBill & BoxBilling. Stellar Pages Stellar comes packed with over 30 custom pages complete with real and relevant content that is fully customizable. The pages included out of the box are: - Service Pages - Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Cloud Hosting, Game Servers, Virtual Private Network, IPTV, Hosting Addons, Web Design - Content Pages: Homepage, Company, Affiliate Program, Why Choose Us, Testimonials - Legal Pages: Terms Of Service, Acceptable Usage Policy, Privacy Policy - Software Pages: All of the pages of your chosen software (WHMCS, WISECP, Clientexec, WISECP, HostBill & BoxBilling) About Our WordPress Themes Our WordPress Themes are a complete solution for your new or existing web hosting business. Customize your website easily using our exclusive theme options panel, Wizard Panel. Edit your pages, widgets, settings and menus all from inside your WordPress admin panel without touching any code. Our themes support multiple display options for your plans including feature boxes, pricing tables & sliders. All of our WordPress Themes support integration with the top software in the industry including WHMCS, WISECP, Clientexec, WISECP, HostBill & BoxBilling. Why Zomex? 1) We're passionate - We have a great passion for the web hosting industry and making the best products/services for your business. 2) We provide support based on our experience in the web hosting industry. 3) We listen to your feedback 4) We have a proven track record in providing Web Hosting Industry products/services. 5) Our products are constantly updated to keep up with the ever-evolving hosting industry. Unsure How To Start A Web Hosting Business? We have created a very detailed guide on the web hosting reseller business: How to start a web hosting reseller business We Look Forward To Hearing From You If you have any questions at all feel free to reply to this thread, create a support request or send us an email: Sales department at sales (at) zomex com or contact me personally at jack (at) zomex com Thank you for showing interest in our services and have a great day! Warm Regards Jack Curtis - CEO Zomex.com
  5. From the 20th through the 26th of January, WHMCS Global Services is offering a Big Republic Day Sale. You must move fast to obtain the desired WISECP Module or any other goods since it is 26% off sitewide. Purchasing WISECP Module is simple; simply go to our official website and the greatest WISECP module is all yours. Our official website: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/
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