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  1. Nothing yet. It's scheduled for when time permits, whenever that may be. I'm on a deadline to migrate over a few old platforms from my hosting business by June when ACME v2 becomes mandatory. First two have been taken care of. Another 2 even older servers are next on the list and I'm sure will require some rewrites to the migration code that I froze on that platform circa 2016. On top of that pushing out code for ApisCP as well as building out documentation whenever I have downtime. 24 hours in a day isn't enough time to catch up to everything all at once. I'm making progress, but have to honor my prior commitments first. 🙃
  2. It's built to be be secure, but sometimes people find permissions cumbersome. Pool ownership change is an option to make it easier to use at a slight reduction in security (hosts can also disable this feature). ApisCP comes with a 30-day free trial, so feel free to use at your leisure. I can put together a guide as well. Shouldn't pose much of a challenge!
  3. I can't foresee any problems. By default, ApisCP employs principle of least privilege meaning the web server runs as a different user than the account admin. There's a couple strategies to integrate with varying levels of security. Learning Mode will allow temporary write access and calculate the permission differences, creating a custom profile for the app. Other solution is to give the directory, or subset of directories, web server ownership. Lastly, you can make PHP-FPM behave like cPanel, Plesk, and others by changing the pool ownership to the account user (Web > PHP Pools > Change Owner) or on creation by setting apache,webuser to null/None/"". It's bad practice however. The rise of third-party security services from cPanel's backwoods architecture should be indication enough to avoid same-user ownership 🙂 Waiting on a developer license, and some free time, to go forward with integration notes. If you ever run into issues, do reach out to me either here, email, or whichever is most convenient.
  4. Reached out to @Onur. Still waiting to hear back from them.
  5. I've always run my own billing system and, initially, would be a poor fit for wiring up WiseCP. Do you have a boiler plate module available for this occasion? If there's a developer license available for WiseCP, then I can take a look into this once my workload abates.
  6. I'm the lead dev of ApisCP. If this consideration gains further traction please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] if you have any questions in developing the module. Blesta was done over a weekend and WHMCS didn't take very long to flesh out. I'm more than happy to address or even too extend ApisCP's API to facilitate whatever needs to be done. Edit: this username was brought to you by autofill 😬
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