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  1. Hello, my name is Razvan, I was starting dealing with web development in 2006 and is a great hobby, for long time I was planning to open a small business to manage my websites and also to get more customers but until now I found all the other platforms quite expensive and complicated. Now I started to use wisecp and I find it very flexible and compact, I think this project has a huge potential and it will be good business opportunity for the developers. The only thing I can say is to keep up the good work and perhaps we will do the same. Is a pleasure for me to be here.
  2. I don`t need any whmcs migrate I was wondering about the Lifetime full package unbranded . I am willing to buy it if it will be any good discount. available. Regards, Razvan
  3. Al right Tim, I understand. This is what i was looking for long time, but still I find the price a bit high, are you planning to make some offers? I am interested to buy the full license.
  4. Thank you for your answer. I got the trial form the website and until now seems to be great on plesk but I am planing to move on my dedicated server and to install another hosting panel. I like VestaCP and also direct admin. After buying the license the package it will be open source?
  5. Hello, I am planing to buy your billing system and until now seems to be great but I don`t find so much documentation. When this platform has been created and how stable it is? On Vesta CP it will work the same like is working now with plesk? Will you recommend any hosting panel? Of course something affordable... Kind Regards, Razvan
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