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  1. Is there already a server overview in WISECP where you can log into the ControlPanel directly as Admin? I don't mean a login into the customer accounts, but the reseller account of the server to quickly make administrative changes or install new certificates etc.
  2. it seems this is caused by the menu links to the demo - using http instead of https 😉
  3. Hi Onur, thanks for reply! I have tried w/ allow all cookies but it still shows the red bar "Invalid CSRF Token" maybe you should check this login issue with latest chrome browser - I use Chrome Version 93.0.4577.82 on Arch Linux. I think the problem could also occur w/ customer login or a customer order. only Firefox let me in 😉
  4. if I use "block third party cookies" on google chrome I cannot log into the demo admin area... it shows: Invalid CSRF Token it still works with firefox, with chrome since latest updates > Invalid CSRF Token
  5. What happens when the wisecp license server fails (network outage or maintenance) are the wisecp installations (front & backend) still accessible and working during a wisecp server outage? My question is based on wisecp clientarea functions because the client admin folder name & other stuff are stored encrypted on the wisecp servers ...
  6. I have already deactivated the SMS module but the SMS service is still present everywhere (front and backend) ... any suggestions?
  7. is it possible to create a child theme for the Classic theme or can I save and customize the Classic theme under a different name? e.g. replace Classic in all files of /templates/website/copyofclassic find /mypathto/wisecp/templates/website/copyofclassic -type f -exec sed -i 's|Classic|copyofclassic|g' {} \;
  8. If a customer already has a domain name in the cart (added via domain search) and then he click the link to the hosting packages (dteails) the domain name already in cart is not taken into account, so the customer have to remove first the domain from cart and start from scratch, select hosting > then domain name ... after hosting selection there should be a possibility if there is already a domain name in cart to select it to proceed with the order
  9. regarding the base64 stuff .... do you think a hook file for the phpmailer is possible, or in which file (e-mail headers) can this be added? https://www.labnol.org/code/19840-base64-encoded-email
  10. ok I got it, I missed to add the [mysqld] section header 😀 thank you Onur!
  11. thank you! changing the admin folder name worked now, it seems that only lower case letters are accepted here when I do a check in mysql the following is displayed mysql -u root -p -e "SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'sql_mode';" +---------------+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Variable_name | Value | +---------------+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | sql_mode | STRICT_TRANS_TABLES,ERROR_FOR_DIVISION_BY_ZERO,NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER,NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION | +---------------+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ It seems the strict mode is already off, but the health status shows a message to turn it of in /etc/mysql/my.cnf
  12. if I change the admin folder e.g. to "PPpAA23wTiSvwfm" this is saved correctly but when I log out & log in again with the new URL, I get a 404 error Page not found! https://www.mydomain.tld/client/PPpAA23wTiSvwfm/login I also get an error message when changing mysql strict mode to off: nano /etc/mysql/my.cnf sql_mode=NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER,NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION unknown variable 'sql_mode=NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER,NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION' Debian 10 MariaDB 10.3 PHP 7.3-fpm
  13. I would like to start with my wisecp preparations in a subfolder of the licensed domain name eg. mydomain.tld/wisecp/ if I want to move wisecp to the main folder ( / ) later what do I have to consider? - do I have to adjust the paths and where? - do I have to apply for a license update? - do I have to change paths also in wisecp database?
  14. can WISECP send out all Email base64 encoded and can I set a rate limit (e.g. 10 emails per minute) for marketing emails somehow?
  15. I've been using Wordpress & WHMCS for about 5 years, so a migration and changeover will take some time because the productive system has to continue to run by the way ... - Can I use a free license to create only the new website (without whmcs migration)? - I have to do the development work under a different (test) domain name and later I will switch to the productive domain name ... Is this possible? when the website (info and order) pages are ready I want to buy & activate the real license to migrate from WHMCS under the main productive domain name. One more question about securing the admin area ... can I protect the admin area with a .htaccess password without losing functions in the frontend? Thanks in advance
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