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  1. html for the payment button href="{invoice_payment_link}" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Hurtig Faktura Betaling</a></div> if i add domain name before {invoice_payment_link} so it looks like this it works domainname/{invoice_payment_link} html for the top image background image background-image: url('{website_url}/templates/system/images/mailbg2.jpg') if i change this to domainname instead of {website_url} it shows the image. i am unsure where to find the html for the footer
  2. Hi i just noticed when the system sends out an invoice the pictures and payment link dosent work. the link to "pay without logging in is this "da/faktura?token=MDVNQWwrb2pIeGY0c24yKzRZNm1JeGE5ZW5UMWJDVDYyhHdXaGNCUTFqcz0=" as you can see there is no domain only the part that comes after the domain. it shuld look like this "https://domain.tld/da/faktura?token=MDVNQWwrb2pIeGY0c24yKzRZNm1JeGE5ZW5UMWJDVDYyhHdXaGNCUTFqcz0=" Also links to images and so on docent work Any one have any idea on how to fix this ? Br Joachim
  3. Hi i switched to wisecp a few weeks ago. it turns out the exsisting domain registers do not work that great for .dk domains and was wondering if some one culd create a plugin for gratis dns that i used on whmcs before the switch. file 1 https://github.com/lauer/GratisDNS_WHMCSRegistrarModule file2 https://github.com/kasperhartwich/php-gratisdns/tree/master/lib i am no developer but as this is open source and worke great on whmcs i was hoping to get some help or a price to get it done
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