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  1. Hello Onur, Thanks for reply! I finally found the problem. I use the find and replace to translate Whois Protection to Protection d'identité (in french) and that create the problem. So I undo and it's working again.
  2. Hello, My cart have a little problem at this time. When i add something in the cart, the cart is loading in loop and nothing show up. I dont know what is the problem.
  3. Maxime J

    Help cpanel

    WHM server information is ok and the test connection too. Cron jobs is create and work too. I dont know what is the solution.
  4. Maxime J

    Help cpanel

    I have the same problem at this time. WISECP is not making automaticly the cpanel account. The only way for me is to create manually the cpanel account and update the connection informations in client service section in wisecp.
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