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  1. Dear All Community Members, We are pleased to announce that we are releasing the ireadMail WiseCP module. Admin Area Features: 1. Auto provisioning 2. Auto manage configurable options 3. Create Pre-defined products or allow your customers to choose resources like no. of email accounts, domain quota 4. Suspend service 5. Un suspend service 6. Terminate Service Client Area Features: 1. View info 2. Add multiple email accounts 3. Change email account password 4. Upgrade email quota size 5. Enable/Disable email account Module Supported : ireadMail Pro version Monthly Price : $12 Yearly Price : $120 Buy Now here : https://whmcsglobalservices.com/order/?pid=211
  2. This module allow you to resell the DigitalOcean droplets directly from your WISECP This module will create, suspend/unsuspend and terminate droplets automatically and also manually from admin area, and server login details will be emailed to you end clients. From Client area it allows users to power on, power off, reboot, reinstall, create snapshots and much more. Features List: Admin Area Features: Product Configurable options Create droplet Suspend Unsuspend Terminate Send email to customers with droplet credentials Show droplet in admin service page Start droplet Stop droplet Reboot Droplet. Client Area Features: Show droplet information Show network information Start droplet Stop droplet Reboot Droplet Enable/Disable Backup Manage Snapshots Manage Firewall rules Buy additional snapshots Droplet logs Price : $5 Monthly Marketplace Link https://marketplace.wisecp.com/en/product/digitalocean-droplets-for-wisecp
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