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  1. I hope WiseCP doesn't follow the mainstream path. I've been following you guys for sometime now, and have slowly seen the changes you have implemented. A lot of resemblances I am seeing are coming from WHMCS and I hope that eventually you guys will keep all the billing software competitors in mind, but make your own service into your own brand and not a look alike. As such, the market place. It's a great and needed addition, once again resembles WHMCS marketplace dearly. And the worst of what I have seen... monthly fee's on addons, similar to ModuelsGarden. I hope that you guys don't
  2. Hello everyone, Johnny here. I found this product about a month or so ago from the date of my post. Have been doing research on it as much as I can before making the switch over. I have been using WHMCS for many years but have been taken back when finding this product. I am by far extremely impressed and hope this product becomes the standard default in many businesses. Hopefully, they won't change like you see many of the leading brands - from making the product for people, to crushing the bottom-line! Looking forward to fully supporting WISECP!
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