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Ability to set times for automation (cron) actions


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I've not seen this functionality in the demo, maybe it is like that already but from what I can see the system only does this on a daily run, not in smaller increments like hours or minutes.

Would you please consider providing some more setting options for the daily cron so that the admin can adjust these specific tasks to be specific to certain times of the day.

For example, the option to set daily invoice reminder and overdue notices to go out at 08h00 and then account suspension email notifications at a slightly later time (eg. 08h30) and then do the actual account suspensions at another time in the day (eg. 10h00). This will allow users to actually receive the notices or final warnings in their email inbox and have time to react before the actual suspension of the service happens. 

The same can be done for other automation tasks and this also reduces the load on the server as tasks are split over a time range in stead of almost all at once.

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