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Cant Figure out how to run command

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So Im installed on plesk but i can't figure out how to to this:


Forward Command > It is the "E-Mail Forwarding" command that you need to define to your server in order to convert incoming e-mails to the Email Piping system into a support ticket. To define this command on your server, access the "Forwards" section in the emails section of your hosting panel. Then, when creating a new forward, define and save the relevant command in the "Pipe to a Program" and similar field in the advanced settings.


I have found the forward settings but when i paste php -q /var/www/vhosts/confident-pare.213-171-194-139.plesk.page/httpdocs/coremio/pipe.php

I get an error saying its not a valid email address, true enough im pretty new to plesk, where can i find this setting please?366019239_Screenshot(8).thumb.png.1048cdad78576fbca1289b792b5d5d26.png

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