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  1. Johannes

    cronjob error

    Hello Onur, running the file gave an 404, but it seems the error is gone. Cronjobs are running ok now again. Thank you very much. (My own fix till now was to replace the in the 3. line in cronjobs.php with my own IPv4 IP)
  2. Johannes


    it seems it is already in planned status in roadmap .. https://requests.wisecp.com/en/req/enom-api
  3. Johannes

    cronjob error

    I have the same error, it started on Sa., 2022-03-12, 00:25, on executing the 5min cronjob "php -q /home/[myusername]/domains/[my.domain.xy]/public_html/coremio/cronjobs.php" I get also the cronjob errormails with "This IP address of "" does not match the registered IP address of "2a01:[our IPv6 adress]" " Nothing changed on our server, it started out of the blue shortly after midnight. Any ideas from the developers here?
  4. Hi @Onur , thank you, I will try. Is there a little chance, that the invoices would be become editable in the backend, with some of the future updates? Thank you
  5. How and where can I modify the invoice templates? I need to add some basic business info, on each invoice (2 columns, 5 lines short text), on the very bottom. Thank you
  6. Hi, i am not from the support stuff, but i understand a little bit francais. Hosting24 seems to use cPanel. There is a native cPanel modul in Wisecp https://apps.wisecp.com/en?view=hosting Hope it helps. De rien.
  7. Hi Chris, jassu phile! I dont use their themes, but they are the only ones who i know who offer 3.party themes for wisecp. On their website you can see 3 different themes, all described as with "unlimited color options". And with "unlimited color options", it sounds for me that you can set it dark. But maybe better you ask them directly, before you buy, they should know it better. Hope you find some.
  8. When comes the next? Whats inside? Come on, at least 1 subversion per month give us please :)
  9. Hi guys, i translated the mail templates to german. I did some modifications where i thought they make sense, very basic at all. Included: Mailtemplates (html) and Subjects (json) Not included: SMS-translation (txt files) 2 or 3 files were empty, they are here empty too ("Kundenvorgänge/Überprüfung der Telefonnummer", "Rechnung/Subscription Payment Failed") You finde the "de" folder in the zip. Copy it over /templates/notifications/de Hope you may find it useful as startingpoint for your own translations. I am not responsible for any damage. And in "invoice-overdue", there is a wrong "fixed invoice number" instead a variable /admin/notifications/templates/edit?group=invoice&key=invoice-overdue "Your invoice #525 is now overdue, .. " --> replace "#525" with "#{invoice_id}" de - Mailvorlagen.zip
  10. Solved, found it in Backend, /admin/settings, field "External Embed Code".
  11. Hi, I want to include Quriobot (a one-liner js-request) custom code into header. Is there a place in the BE, or do i go in the source files? Thanks
  12. Deschekür, Detlef :) Please let us know what is planned in the next version, and when it will be there, i`m very curious and excited about it.
  13. will there be a version 2.3.1, or a version 2.4, what will be included, when?
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