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  1. Hi @snake As per their roadmap, development of Enom domain registrar module is already planned.
  2. Thank you, @Onur I would appreciate it if you updated this thread whenever you have something to share.
  3. Hello, WISECP community. This is my first post here. I see that in your V3, you will offer Stripe with a recurring/subscription feature. I also anticipate that you will support 3DS. I wish to know if you offer off-session charges like WHMCS currently does? I assume you will be using the Payment Intent API. If not, could you please tell me what your Stripe integration API is? Since your V3 and Stripe subscription integration is not yet live, I request you to update it to comply with the recent mandate from the Reserve Bank of India. Please refer to: https://support.stripe.com/questions/important-updates-to-rbi-regulations-on-recurring-card-payments-in-india India's central bank, the Reserve Bank of India, recently required a new E mandate flow. Whether they are domestic or foreign, every merchant must and will comply with the new rule. A relatively minor update needs to be made to comply with the new rule in the payment gateway. Stripe will be releasing the Payment Confirmation API later this year. If you are interested in updating your Stripe module, I can share the integration doc since I have access to that. You don't need to re-structure the codebase here. Now, suppose your Stripe module doesn't have this new API compatibility. In that case, it is pointless to have a recurring feature since Indian banks will decline the charge. So, with only this new API, we can technically run a subscription business. I look forward to this updated Stripe payment gateway. Thank you so much, and best of luck.
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