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WISECP v3.1 Released!


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Numerous integrations, features and improvements are ready

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New Features

PHP8 Support

WISECP is now fully compatible with PHP8! You can now use PHP8 by upgrading to WISECP v3.1. To use PHP8, the version of ionCube on your server must be v12+.

Paypal RESTful API

Instead of using traditional "IPN" in PayPal payment method module, "Restful API" is now used. (After upgrading to WISECP v3.1, you should reconsider your PayPal module settings.) For detailed information, please click here.


You can show the "QR code" to your customers in the invoice detail and enable your customers to make bank transfers easily by scanning the QR code with their mobile devices. For activation, visit "Tools > Addons".

Other Features

  • Extended KeyHelp integration
    Ability to create domainless hosting account. + Email disk size improvement + Ability to create emails with all registered domains and more...
  • Email management for CWP
    E-mail management feature has been improved in CWP (Control Web Panel) integration.
  • Automatic order and invoice creation for bank transfer payments
    When paying by bank transfer, the payment notification feature can now be optionally disabled. (When disabled, the order and invoice will be created automatically. To disable the payment notification feature, follow "Settings > Billing > Payment Gateways > Bank Transfer" and disable the "Payment Notification Form" field on the page that opens.)
  • Creating non-payment invoices and orders
    Even if the customer leaves the purchasing phase unfinished, the invoice and service are created in the "Pending Approval" status. (To enable this feature, you must enable the "Order/Invoice Creation" field in "Settings > Billing > Taxes > Advanced".)
  • Improvement in domain extensions that require additional info/doc
    When registering the extensions that require "info/doc", a stage will be displayed stating that additional information is required for the domain to be registered.


  • Visual improvements have been made.
  • Performance improvements have been made.
  • It is now possible to import domains linked to sub-accounts in InternetX.
  • In the Plesk integration, the contact information of the customers is now also recorded.
  • In the renewal process in the "Client Area > Domain order detail", the relevant extension is processed according to the "max" and "min" years.
  • The creation of an untitled custom ticket status is blocked.
  • The problem that occurs when there is 1 dns record in the NameSilo module has been fixed.
  • Improved "AJAX" support for international SMS report list.
  • Fixed PayPal "trial period" issue.
  • Invoice PDF character set problem has been fixed and font character selection feature has been developed.(To select Font-family in the invoice PDF file, go to the "PDF Font Family" field in "Settings > Billing > Taxes > Advanced".)
  • Added Arabic language support for invoice PDF file.
  • "Root Login Button" selection has been added to personnel authorization settings. If it is not enabled, the staff will not be able to see the root login button.
  • Customer contact information will no longer be hidden in invoice sharing.
  • The price information in the "Client Area > Dashboard" + "Client Area > Order List" and "Client Area > Order Detail" fields will now show the amount including tax.
  • Fixed an issue where the postal code of invoice was changed to "000000" when it was defined as less than 5 characters in the administration area.
  • The issue where the add-on connected to the order is active in orders that are pending approval and whose add-on is free has been fixed.
  • If the server does not have the "finfo" extension, the health status page will show a warning.
  • "SVG" extension file upload is blocked while uploading invoice detail logo. Logo with SVG extension cause problems in creating PDF file.
  • The following field (https://t.wcp.cx/l/MP9oBZ) in the front interface listings belonging to the software product group can now be managed from the product group settings.
  • Fixed an issue where the "default captcha" on the domain name query page was not automatically renewed.
  • Although the order status is in progress, the problem with the order details appearing when clicking the link in the incoming order notification has been fixed.
  • Customer review submission process is now included in SPAM security.
  • A warning window will be displayed stating that only visually impaired people can use the accessibility feature on advanced settings.
  • If the primary service is canceled, any additional service connected will now be canceled automatically.
  • Improvements have been made to the "Service Renewal Period Method".
  • Added a field to define "CASE ID" when needed in the Parachute add-on.
  • The "next due date" for services can no longer be set to be earlier than the service creation date.
  • For payments made by bank transfer, the service start date will be updated to be when the invoice is approved.
  • Improvements were made in the Domainnameapi module for the sale and management of .TR extensions.
  • Cookie warning and links in the front interface slider are now opened in the same tab.
  • Added support to create "Catalan" language for Spain country.

Bug Fix

  • While saving whois information on the cart, even if the "apply to all" option was selected, "do not leave any empty field" warning was displayed. Has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the license type was not saved in the software product edit page.
  • Fixed "IdentNumber" problem in MrDomain integration.
  • The problem of creating a new invoice with the "same invoice number" when splitting the item in the invoice into a new invoice has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with Paystack module.
  • The problem in PayFast payment notification has been fixed.
  • Extension import problem in InternetBS fixed.
  • Fixed extension import problem in RealtimeRegister.
  • Fixed "white screen" problem in Garanti Bank integration.
  • The "cannot be less than zero" error in Iyzico integration has been fixed.
  • Even if the tax amount is zero on the customer invoice detail, tax information was not displayed. It's been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue "Uncaught Error type: 0. Could not interpret numbers after plus-sign".
  • Fixed an issue with price currencies appearing irrelevant in the domain extension list.
  • Fixed issue with deleting existing domain extensions.
  • Fixed the text issue in the promotion save button.
  • In the client area, even if the domain search widget is disabled, it still appears, it has been fixed.
  • Fixed a problem in the credit warning in the pop-up window when account credit is selected as the payment method on the basket.
  • Fixed an issue with reseller discount on domain extensions.
  • Fixed issue with enabling and disabling in "WFraud > Proxy" security.
  • Fixed the issue where the product could be purchased even if its status was deactivated.
  • Fixed "empty order" issue with import from server in Shared Server settings.
  • The predefined reply template list was not visible when creating a support ticket by the administrator via the admin area. Has been fixed.
  • The "flickering problem" has been fixed when dragging down the page in the admin area > support ticket detail in the mobile version.
  • In PayTR euro currency payments, if the TRY convert feature is activated, the problem with the amount in the invoice after the payment is made has been resolved.
  • The problem in deleting the saved credit card related to PayTR integration has been fixed.

Helpful links : Developer Center | Usage Guide | Translate | What's New?

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