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Database Backup to subfolder not working


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I'd added the FTP credentials to the dabase backup. And only if i use "/" for the target folder the test connection will work. If i try to use "/db-backup" i got an error.

I'd testet the connection with filezilla and everything works fine. To be sure that it is not the directory name, I have tested different ways of writing.



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Based on the information provided, it seems that there may be an issue with the target folder path when attempting to use FTP credentials for database backups. It appears that using a forward slash "/" for the target folder allows for a successful test connection, while using "/db-backup" results in an error.
One possible explanation for this issue is that the FTP server being used may have restrictions or permissions set up that are preventing access to the specified target folder. It is also possible that there may be an issue with the way the target folder path is being formatted or entered.
To troubleshoot this issue, it may be helpful to check the FTP server settings and permissions to ensure that the specified target folder is accessible. It may also be useful to double-check the formatting of the target folder path and try alternative variations to see if they are successful.
In addition, it may be helpful to consult with technical support or documentation from the software or service being used for database backups to see if there are any known issues or solutions related to this particular issue.

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