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DigitalOcean Droplets For WISECP

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This module allow you to resell  the DigitalOcean droplets directly from your WISECP



This module will create, suspend/unsuspend and terminate droplets automatically and also manually from admin area, and server login details will be emailed to you end clients. From Client area it allows users to power on, power off, reboot, reinstall, create snapshots and much more.


Features List:  

Admin Area Features:  

  1. Product Configurable options
  2. Create droplet
  3. Suspend
  4. Unsuspend
  5. Terminate
  6. Send email to customers with droplet credentials
  7. Show droplet in admin service page
  8. Start droplet
  9. Stop droplet
  10. Reboot Droplet.

Client Area Features:  

  1. Show droplet information
  2. Show network information
  3. Start droplet
  4. Stop droplet
  5. Reboot Droplet
  6. Enable/Disable Backup
  7. Manage Snapshots
  8. Manage Firewall rules
  9. Buy additional snapshots
  10. Droplet logs

    Price : $5 Monthly 
    Marketplace Link https://marketplace.wisecp.com/en/product/digitalocean-droplets-for-wisecp
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