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Can't import from CWP



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Hi @BaDTaG

This is the case because your server does not accept HTML data with POST method. This may be caused by a firewall or a security rule commonly used on your server. (For example: Mod_Security rules or CloudFlare rules etc.)

For the solution, you can get support from the service provider from which you get server service or from any server/network management expert.

If you require any further information, feel free to contact us.

Helpful links : Developer Center | Usage Guide | Translate | What's New?

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Hi @Onur

Thank you for your reply. 

It is my own server and i dont have mod_security or cloudflare on it. 

I use to run apache,nginx but have dumbed it down to pure apache with theas moduals loded. 

Could it be mode_pagespeed ?

I found a way past it so its not so important atm. i created a user in whmcs with the same username as in CWP. then orderd a new service witch gave an error. then i changed password and it linked it. 

Loaded Modules:
 core_module          so_module          http_module          mpm_event_module          authn_file_module          authn_core_module          authz_host_module          authz_groupfile_module          authz_user_module          authz_core_module          access_compat_module          auth_basic_module          reqtimeout_module          filter_module          mime_module          log_config_module          env_module          headers_module          unique_id_module          setenvif_module          version_module          proxy_module          proxy_connect_module          proxy_http_module          unixd_module          status_module          autoindex_module          dir_module          userdir_module          alias_module          rewrite_module          h264_streaming_module          flvx_module          ssl_module          security2_module          suexec_module          pagespeed_module          proxy_fcgi_module          rpaf_module          suphp_module (shared)

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