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  1. Can WiseCP use stripe make on demand or repeat payments?
  2. My apologies I was mistaken. I've not touched option in a while and thought it was possible to set per product. It seems you can only force subscription on or off for gateway itself. At least in version I'm using anyway.
  3. Great news. Is there an option to set mandatory subscription for product/group like in WHMCS?
  4. Is there any more news on 2.3.1?
  5. I see. I totally understand. I have a free license at the moment while I'm working on building site ready for later migration. Can I continue to use the free license or will I be moved to a 30 day trial?
  6. Thanks. I'm still bit confused as most of the entries in client area menu are not showing, even those that are not set to registered client only. For example the Affiliate program and Support menu links. Is there settings elsewhere to hide/create/control menu entries?
  7. I'm confused. What's the header menu for?
  8. Yeah I thought you were referring to an active product. Thanks for clarifying.
  9. No not touched any language files. This is a fresh install. Not edited anything.
  10. I'm having a wired issue while testing the pricing list for a service group I have created. There is a "0" at left hand side instead of product name being on the far left?
  11. Yes cancelling order doesn't cancel subscription in WHMCS. It only cancels if you cancel an active product. Thanks for the update on ETA.
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