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I hope WiseCP doesn't follow the mainstream path.

I've been following you guys for sometime now, and have slowly seen the changes you have implemented. A lot of resemblances I am seeing are coming from WHMCS and I hope that eventually you guys will keep all the billing software competitors in mind, but make your own service into your own brand and not a look alike.

As such, the market place. It's a great and needed addition, once again resembles WHMCS marketplace dearly. And the worst of what I have seen... monthly fee's on addons, similar to ModuelsGarden. I hope that you guys don't try to mimic these brands too much. Renting a license is one thing, but having to pay monthly on addons is a whole other scheme of things. You guys have potential and I will be interested to see where you are at in the next 5 years but the hosting community needs a new branch, a new flavor, not a copy cat.

Looking forward to the progression!

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I thought that almost all (Blesta, Boxbilling , ClientExec , etc) of them were similar to the WHMCS market ... only different in UI ...


perhaps you can mention what an example of Billing Software looks like which is not similar to WHMCS.

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So from the ground up, all systems are different.

To the user area or customer center:
We just look at "Blesta" here you can see very clearly that they have copied the user page from WHMCS the reason for building for the user is almost 1 to 1

Unfortunately, I can't say anything about the other systems at the moment because I haven't looked at all of the systems carefully

With best regards

Wisecp - Discord and Forum Moderator

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I agree with the points raise here.

WISECP resembles WHMCS in may areas, this is sort of a good thing but also bad because the horrible WHMCS look is everywhere.

HostBill is at least different from WHMCS.

It would be great if these guys develop their own unique and modern look and functionality.

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I am not so sure it's similar to WHMCS, what I see though is that monthly payments for plugins etc ....while WiseCP already lucks many plugins needed. 

Haven't done the transfer yet ...but we already having second thoughts in regards due to luck of plugins.

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